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Web Design
We build enterprise class web applications.

For the last 28 years, we have been building large web applications with beautiful interface design.

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Applications with Rich Interfaces

We offer full stack web develelopment and are equally adept at both web development and front-end design.

Life Saving Web Applications...

We developed applications that were used by air and ground ambulance services to deliver critical care patients to the nearest ICU while en route.

Hospital Capacity Web Application

This application was used in every ICU within Washington, Oregon, and North Carolina. The application was designed to quickly convey real-time ICU bed capacity for various trauma types to ensure that the patient would have immediate access to the proper intensive care.

It was also used in major catastrophes, such as the emergency response to Hurricane Katrina.

Scientific Web Applications...

Cutting edge applications for the Human Genome Project.

Web Applications for the Human Genome Project....

We created dozens of applications that were used to complete the Human Genome Project. These sites were used to provide tools and international sequencing status for human chromosomes 17, 19, and 21.

The 'Human Genome Project' was one of the most important scientific endeavors of our time.

E-Commerce and Web Development

Get Connected!

Imagine the opportunities that you will have by opening up your services on the web. Your services and products will be in immediate reach to anyone across the world. The possibilities are endless and we can make them a reality.

From a small company to a large company, we can offer several e-commerce solutions designed around your needs. We can design and develop a specialized and secure E-Commerce site for your company on the world wide web. Your services will be instantly available to anyone in the world.

Everything starts with a Well Designed Database

We have 28 years experience using Microsoft SQL Server, 7 years experience with Oracle, and experience in a variety of other databases.

Many web developers embed SQL code in the front end. We aim to avoid this. We have proprietary code that abstracts the database layer from the client, builds views and stored procedures, and generates back end code. We have found that this approach allows us to develop more efficiently, and the final product is much easier to maintain.

Server Side Technologies

We have 28 years experience using Adobe ColdFusion, a rapid application development server-side technology that is built upon Java. ColdFusion allows us to leverage existing open source Java applications when heavy lifting is needed. Since ColdFusion is a J2EE server, it is compatible across a wide variety of platforms. ColdFusion also is tightly integrated with Microsoft technologies, such as .Net, and share-point. ColdFusion is fast, scalable, has load balancing, and can be used to manage and deploy multiple server instances.

ASP and .Net

We have over 7 years experience using asp and .Net.

C# .Net (also known as C sharp), is Microsoft's answer to Java. It is an object oriented language based upon the familiar C type language, however, it does not have the complexity of the C language; and is optimized for the web. Microsoft has recently added some exciting new innovations to the .Net platform, such as .Net core entity and 'code-first' frameworks, that offer optimized performance and improved productivity.

Object Oriented Programming

It is our goal to develop applications using an object oriented approach. We try to separate the business logic from the client and place this logic into related objects. These objects can be consumed to generate web services and API's that allow us to potentially share the core logic with other external applications.

Additionally, we have developed a collection of 'code-writers' that we frequently employ to generate common functional code. Our code writers dramatically reduces the time to deliver a working product, and provides better consistency and documentation of our code.

Iterative Development Cycles

We prefer to develop using an iterative approach. If possible, we will design the first version of the application to meet certain core functional requirements, without spending time to deliver all of the 'bells and whistles'. Once the initial version is released, we will meet with the stakeholders to analyze if we met the initial requirements, get user feedback, and then determine new functional requirements and bug fixes required for the next version. Often, we will find that some of the initial 'wish list' items were not necessary, and potentially discover new functional requirements that we did not anticipate at all.

Sometimes we just need a bigger hammer...

Our server-side technology may not be best suited to meet certain business requirements. There may be other tools that are better suited for the job. We have used open source Bio-Java applications to analyze genomic sequences, stored procedures to move and transform a large body of data, and MS SQL Server Integration packages to process finance based task that require the aggregation of values from millions of records. We have a wide body of knowledge, and both ColdFusion and .Net excel at offloading data processing to other external sources.

We Develop Critical Business Applications...

We developed payroll subledger applications for over 20k employees spanning across multiple medical centers. This application is used to provide accurate payroll to employees depending upon hourly rate and salary for various job classifications.

Our contracts application is used for nearly every U.W. Medicine contract. It is used to store contracts and electronically routes contracts with digital signatures.


We have Managed Web Servers Continuously since 1997

We can help you host on both Linux and Windows Servers and support a variety of E-Commerce applications. We can also offer co-location support and consulting if you have a special server requirement that we cannot meet.

Hosting Plans

Simple shared hosting plans range between $10 to $45 dollars a month. If you have your own server environment, we can help you set up and manage your own J2EE or .Net servers using either Apache, Tomcat, or IIS. For critical applications, we can also configure load balancing to spread traffic over multiple servers.

Windows Domain Authentication in Hybrid Environments

If you have a distributed server environment with both Unix based and Windows environments, we have developed software that can be used to authenticate the user against a Windows Domain, and pass the user credentials off to an array of Unix based servers. This can be useful if you require load balancing, or have a mixed server environment that uses both Windows and Unix based servers.

Telephony and other Miscellaneous Services

We have several years developing Telephony and fax-back services. Telephony and fax-back technology can be used to allow a user to quickly connect to a large database and let the user retrieve data that they will need using a phone and a fax machine. We owned a business that built a proof of concept to deliver legal and medical records to a patient's doctor to provide legal instructions regarding the patient's care.

We Develop Mobile Applications...

We develop responsive web applications that offer nearly identical functionality for both desktop and mobile devices.

Our applications are designed to work with any modern web browser and device.

Front-end Development

Web Design is our specialty and passion

Whether it is a small intra-net web application, or a full fledged world wide web online commerce store, we will take pride in meeting your needs. We have developed immense intra-net sites for large companies such as the Boeing Company, as well as helping local businesses establish themselves on the web. We excel at helping companies to share information and to achieve presence on the world wide web. Our expertise is at your disposal helping you to build a rich and compelling site.


Our company origins have been in Graphics and the Multimedia and creation fields. We can provide your web site with consistent and compelling visual graphics with a quick load time. Our graphics will subtly enhance the message that you are trying to convey. We can also create logo's for your company: enhance the graphics in your existing site: or create animated banners for the advertisement of your site.

Add some Pizaz!

We have over 25 years experience designing various rich interfaces. Alexander Web Design humbled beginnings was in Graphic creation and Multimedia production using Director. In the 1990's, Director was a powerful multimedia application that could create full fledged programs as well as sophisticated animations with multi-track sound.

With HTML5, it is now possible to create sophisticated 'single page applications' with very rich and compelling interfaces. This is an exiting time... the sky is the limit; give us a call!


Apple's co-founder, Steve Jobs, argued that HTML 5 would be able to do everything that flash did when he chose to eliminate Adobe's obligatory web-plugin. And for the most part; it did. HTML 5 delivers animation, movies, music, and even validation routines to the browswer without need of plug-ins. HTML 5 is not a proprietary technology, it is an open standard specification and is available to all devices and browsers. HTML 5 also separates the presentation logic (CSS) from the markup-langauge (HTML), and Javascript provides the goodies to make the magic happen. It has solved many issues, however, it also brought some new challenges...

Client Side Frameworks

With HTML 5, web pages are getting much more complex. Javascript is now used to initialize the HTML 5 elements, and it can be quite cumbersome to write code that works on all devices and browsers. This is where frame-works come in. Frameworks provide the underlying logic to allow HTML 5 widgets to work on any modern device and browser.

With a framework, we don't have to constantly re-write our code for each device. The framework will help the underlying logic adapt to the browser or device, and pull in all of the necessary logic needed for the UI, regardless of the device.

Kendo UI

We use Kendo UI for all of our HTML 5 widgets. We chose Kendo UI as it is both powerful, functional, and beautiful. Kendo UI includes around 70 beautiful widgets, and these widgets are all easilly themeable. Kendo UI is also absracted from the server-side technology, so we can incrporate the same client logic and have it work with a variety of technologies.

Kendo UI's widgets are powerful and functional. The grids allow the user to visualize data via an excel like interface. We have perfected an approach that quickly presents data from hundreds of millions of records in a fully editable and pageable grid.

Mobile First Priority

We develop responsive websites that look good on any device, whether desktop or mobile. We deliver perfectly tailored experiences for different mobile platforms that are nearly indestinguishable from a full featured desktop application.

The advantage of building apps with HTML, JavaScript, and our frameworks is that we are able to maintain a single code base that targets all modern devices. This allows us to continue to focus on mastering HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, rather than learn and maintain the myriad of langauges and SDK's neccessary to develop native cross-platform mobile applications.

Our Open Sourced Blog

We developed an open source blog that was designed to share information on our techniques and approaches to web development and design.

The blog will allow you to continue to interact with some of our interface designs, and you may download our blog to inspect our code and system architectures.

Our Blog