There are two standard ways to activate a Kendo tab: 1) via Javascript, or 2) appending the k-state-active class to the HTML list. Both approaches are useful. However, I have had troubles using a javascript function to set the active tab when I had a button open up a new Kendo window, and then set the active tab based upon the URL variable that I sent along when opening up the Kendo window. For some odd reason, when I used the javascript method it would not process the scripts in the second tab. I could not figure out how, or even why, this method failed, but appending the k-state-active class to set the to tab worked just fine. I will share both options below.

Option 1, use javascript and the select(tabIndex) method:

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1// Set the active tab if it was passed into the URL.
2var tabName = <cfoutput>'#URL.tabName#'</cfoutput>
3// Set the active tab if the tab argument is not a null string
4if (tabName !=''){
5    // Set the tab
6    setContractDetailTab(tabName);
9// function to select the appropriate detail tab.
10function setContractDetailTab(tabName){
12    if (tabName == 'contractDetail'){
13        // Get the index. We are starting at 0, so the first tab will have a zero index.
14            var tabIndex = 0;
15        } else if (tabName == 'routing'){
16            var tabIndex = 1;
17        } else if (tabName == 'attachment'){
18            var tabIndex = 2;
19        }
21        // Don't perform any actions until the dom is loaded.
22        $(document).ready(function() {
23            // Get a reference to the tab.
24            var detailTabSrip = $("#detailTabSrip").kendoTabStrip().data("kendoTabStrip");
25            // Select the tab. Make sure to use a timeout otherwise an error will occur and the kendo dropdowns will not be instantiated.
26            setTimeout(function() {
27      ;
28            }, 500);
30        });    //document.ready
31    }

Option 2) use the k-state-active Kendo class to select the active tab:

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1<div id="detailTabSrip" style="height:925px">
2 <!--- Tab names. --->
3 <ul>
4 <li id="contractDetail" <cfif not isDefined("URL.tabName") or URL.tabName eq "">class="k-state-active"</cfif>>
5     <p>Contract Detail</p>
6 </li>
7 <li id="routing" <cfif isDefined("URL.tabName") and URL.tabName eq 'routing'>class="k-state-active"</cfif>>
8     <p>Routing</p>
9 </li>
10 <li id="attachment" <cfif isDefined("URL.tabName") and URL.tabName eq 'attachment'>class="k-state-active"</cfif>
11 <p>Attachment</p>
12 </li>
13 </ul>