Use your Disqus Blog Identifier and your optional API key to incorporate Disqus into your own Galaxie Blog.

  1. Once you have your own Disqus Blog Identifier, you can immediately incorporate Disqus using Galaxie Blog. In the current version of Galaxie Blog (version 1.45 or above), open the index.cfm template found in the root directory. Search for the 'application.includeDisqus' string using your IDE, and set the includeDisqus variable to true. It should be around line 26, a code example is provided below:

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1<!--- Determine whether to include the disqus commenting system. If you set this to true, you must also set the optional disqus settings that are right below. --->
2<cfset application.includeDisqus = true><!--- true or false. --->

  1. Now, search for "application.disqusBlogIdentifier". It should be down a few lines. Copy and paste your Disqus Blog Identifier, also known as the Disqus Short Name, into the disqusBlogIdentifier variable.
  2. Next, if you have a Disqus API Key, copy and paste that into the application.disqusApiKey variable. For now, the other Disqus settings below should be left alone.
  3. In an upcoming version, I'll add Disqus integration to the administrative interface.

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1<cfset application.disqusBlogIdentifier = "YourFreeDisqusBlogIdentifier"><!--- Required if you're using Disqus. --->
2<cfset application.disqusApiKey = "YourFreeDisqusAPIKey"><!--- Optional --->

That's it! Upload the file, and your Disqus commenting system should be in place.

Happy Blogging!