A Brief Introduction to the Galaxie Blog Administrative Site

Galaxie Blog is a powerful HTML5 blogging platform that contains all the essential tools for creating a beautiful and compelling site.

The Galaxie Blog Administration site securely manages your blog and can be accessed by clicking on the user icon near the top of the blog page or by appending '/admin' to the blog URL.

To access the administrative website, you must have the proper login credentials. Passwords are encrypted using the highest available encryption standard, and plain text passwords are never stored in the database.  

There are over fifty different administrative interfaces, each carefully designed for mobile and desktop clients. You can administrate your blog using a mobile or desktop device. There is also native phone functionality. For example, when you are uploading media, you can take a picture or use a picture previously taken from your phone.

We have taken great care to organize the different interfaces intuitively. These interfaces are simple and unobtrusive and typically only become available when needed. 

Galaxie Blog uses a windowing system similar to Windows or the Macintosh to open an interface. The windows have minimize, refresh, and close icons at the top right of the screen. The minimize icon allows the user to minimize the window to navigate around or open a new interface. Refreshing the window is handy if you want to set the interface back to its default state, such as clearing up the filters you may have applied to an HTML5 grid. 

The site is forgiving and invites exploration. If you erroneously click a delete button, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion. Thus, a new user should be at ease while investigating the interfaces without worrying that something will go wrong.

If you are a site administrator, there are a dozen or so different major interface categories. There are multiple user roles and capabilities. If a user does not have permission or a role, they will not see the icon to launch the interface. 

Many interfaces initially open up an HTML5 grid with links to detail interfaces. Nearly every column in the grid is searchable and sortable. When editing a post, you can search for a partial title to find and open a particular post. We are covering these grids in more detail below.

There are scores of different advanced WYSIWYG Galaxie Blog editors. Each editor has a certain purpose, such as editing a post or uploading an icon for your site. All of the editors are WYSIWYG and offer a real-time preview. We will cover these interfaces in future posts.