Telephony, the technology heard every day when you while listening to an automated voice over the phone. You can do some pretty exiting stuff with telephony using fax-back technology, and as with the web; you can create dynamic telephony sites that change according to user preference. You can connect to a database and let the user retrieve data that they need.

Data Direct Technologies was a company that a partner and I started using impressive dynamic telephony techniques. We attracted quite a bit of attention in the State of Washington for an idea whose time is yet to come. We received accolades and assistance from the Office of the Governor in Washington State as well as receiving hearings from the big league health insurance companies. Unfortunately though, our big break was never to come.

You might have wondered why would I create a link to 'telephony' on a web design site, yet telephony's paradigm is very similar to the web; especially if you work in tandem with the web; I might elaborate further if you e-mail me. For the last year, I have been out of the Telephony business, but would love to consult in the field again if the right opportunity came along. If you are still interested in learning more about Telephony, take a look at the Data Direct site and send me some E-mail. The Data Direct E-Mail form will send me mail as with this site.

Updated on October 7 2018